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TeaSources specialize in cultivating & producing green teas such as Longjing, Maofeng, Chunmee, Gunpowder, Sencha, Gyokuro,Bancha, Houjicha,Green tea powder, Matcha, green tea fannings,teabags,etc.
At the same time, we also supply black tea,puerh tea,oolong tea,white tea,jasmine tea,herbal tea products.
Our plantations and factory have obtained IMO organic certificates. We export more than 2000tons teas every year and our clients include Lipton and some top organic product traders around the world.
Besides HangZhou Qingxin Tea Co.,LTD founded in year 1999 and Yuyao Qingxin Tea Co.,LTD founded in year 2000, we set up third company TeaSources(HangZhou) I/E Co.,LTD in 2008. Our factory and office are located in China's most beautiful city Hangzhou which is also hometown of world's most famous green tea Longjing(Dragon well green tea).
Our mission is to supply high quality teas to the global clients.

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